The Great Apes Film Initiative
The Great Apes Film Initiative

Apes are amazing and important creatures. They play an important role in the ecology of their forest habitat. With deforestation, hunting and other major risks facing these primates, educating teachers and children alike about apes is a vital step in the protection of these primates. Understanding their biology and the threats they face will enable people to play an active part in solutions to ape conservation in everyday life, such as knowing which products contain ingredients that are linked to deforestation.

We believe that education outreach will ignite a deep interest in learning more about these animals, and will give children the opportunity to help. After all, if we want apes to be around for generations to come, we need to spread the word and educate current and future generations on the issues conservationists face. The fate of the apes affects us all because we all benefit from the forests in which they live. Save the apes to save the forests to save the world.

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