Apes in Entertainment

Ask why an Orangutan submits to this treatment before you enjoy the show © Ian Redmond
Ask why an Orangutan submits to this treatment before you enjoy the show

This section is concerned with efforts to end the use of trained Apes in the entertainment industry; including films, adverts and live shows. was established in 2012 by a coalition of leading animal charities and NGOs - largely made up of Ape Alliance members. is a scheme by which companies (and individuals) can learn about and commit to reducing their negative impact on animals as a result of their use in the entertainment industry. Explore the site to find out more about why you and your company should make the pledge. Please visit the site to find out more

Take Action

If you agree that it is wrong to separate baby Apes from their mothers to teach them tricks for films, advertisments and circuses and the like, please contact the organisations involved.

To report cases of animal suffering visit the Born Free Foundation's Traveller's Animal Alert 

Visit RIGHT Tourism for your guide to making animal friendly choices while you're on holiday.

Across the world, tourists grab the chance to have their photograph taken with cute animals. Many don’t realise, though, that these so-called ‘photo-prop’ animals are usually badly treated, abused, orphaned when they are babies, and discarded when they are less ‘cute’. This is why Care for the Wild have launched their new campaign, No Photos, Please!


If you would like to help end the keeping of primates as pets click here to sign the petition


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