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quarta, 05 dezembro 2018 15:17

SPOTT Palm Oil Assessments

quarta, 07 novembro 2018 15:03
Palm Oil Assessments | 11/18 | SPOTT: tracking transparency, supporting sustainability Below is information on the 2018 SPOTT Palm Oil Assessments.This year SPOTT increased the… Read more...

The Use of Posed Primates on Greeting Cards

terça, 27 novembro 2018 15:34
North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance The Use of Posed Primates on Greeting CardsHistorically, goofy images of trained apes and monkeys have been popular subjects of… Read more...
Smithsonian.com |Meilan Solly| November 15, 2018 One of the most distinguishing features of human speech is displaced reference, or the ability to discuss objects and… Read more...

The Talk You Were Never Meant To Hear

domingo, 21 outubro 2018 14:50
Bill Laurance | 21.10.2018 | The Talk You Were Never Meant To Hear Next weekend James Cook University, Cairns, Australia will host a major TEDx… Read more...
 Mongabay | by Sue Palminteri | 19 October 2018 The iNaturalist species data-sharing platform reached a milestone earlier this month with its one millionth observer.… Read more...
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