Ajude a salvar os grandes símios e dos seus habitats


Thank you to everyone who has supported our events big and small. We are always overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback and support we get from you.

An excerpt from a letter from a student now studying conservation at university after attending our Hope 4 Apes event in 2010

“…At the age of fourteen my parents and myself and my eleven year old twin sisters attended the Hope4Apes lecture at the Lyceum Theatre in London in December 2010.  When we arrived at the conference my parents were a little worried that we were the youngest in the theatre and thought it might be a little too “academic”.  It was the most amazing evening; listening to speakers such as yourself [Ian Redmond] and Jane Goodall discuss your hope for each of the primates. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I remember thinking that I wanted to be part of this; I wanted to learn about conservation and take not just take an interest in what is happening to our planet and many of the amazing animals that are on the verge of extinction, but to actually do something about it….”

So many companies have helped Ape Alliance over the years with gifts in kind, sponsorship and support.

A huge
to you all!

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