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8 October 2012 Tripa News
Indonesia Police: Investigate & Prosecute destroyers of Tripa! Indonesia Police: Investigate & Prosecute destroyers of Tripa!

The Governor of Aceh finally revoked the license of one of the illegally operating companies that was in violation of the moratorium and illegally burned hectares of forest in Tripa. But with 5 more companies still destroying protected area inside Tripa, the its far has only just begun!

There are still companies with breaking the law in Tripa continuing to clear protected forests and driving the local Sumatran Orangutan population closer to extinction, urgent action is required to save Tripa.

The national police needs to investigate and prosecute law-breakers. The community filed a police report in November, now with the legal precedent and the first permit revoked, it's the perfect time for the National Police to take action and bring this next case to the courts.

Let’s take this to the next level, to save Tripa,and set a huge precedent for the protection of ALL of Indonesian forests. Sign this petition!

Click for the petition.

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