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5 May 2012 Tripa News

Ministry of Environment Review Group Tripa Swamp | May 2012

This afternoon, the group of the Ministry of Environment will review the location of the PT Kalista Natural peat swamp forest in Tripa, Nagan Raya, Thursday, May 3, 2012.*

Represented by the Ministry of the Environment Deputy Sector V Sudariyono KLH Environmental Planning. There was also a team of investigators and prosecutors Police Headquarters Sector A Kadir of Civil and Administrative Attorney General.

The group will investigate combustion and landfilling Tripa swamp land by PT Kalista Alam. Group planned to be two days in Aceh. Also participated in the review of Walhi Aceh Leuser Ecosystem Management Agency, and the Task Force of REDD. In addition, the entire entourage will be visiting the factory premises Kalista Alam and PT Surya Fertile Harvest.

Yesterday, the troupe was in Banda Aceh and hold a closed meeting on Aceh Provincial Police Office. Purpose of the convoy coming to collect information related to alleged violations of oil companies operating in the area of  peat swamp forests Tripa, Aceh.

Sudariyono said at least five indications of violations. First, thereis an indication of the opening of new peatland area of 1605 hectares without permission. Currently estimated at approximately 61 000 hectares of peat, more than half, or about 35,000 hectares of peat forest turned into oil palm plantations.

While A Kadir said the claim for damages caused by the activities of forest plantations in Tripa peat swamp will be executed, either criminal or civil liability.

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Tripa Swamp Destroyer Can [be] Sentenced [to] 15 Years in Prison | May 2012

JAKARTA - Destroyer thousands of hectares of peatlands in the Tripa Swamp, NAD could face 15 years in prison and restitution of land. The suspect is currently being aimed by a joint team of police, prosecutors, and Kementeria Environment (KLH). Deputy Head of Legal Structuring Sudariyono KLH, the vandal suspected of five offenses, including land clearing permits and environmental pollution.

"Earlier I mentioned. But it is still conjecture, yes. Just to set the suspects we have to call witnesses to request information, then later we set, "said Sudariyono.

However, our initial thought is if these allegations prove to be, we will make two demands, the first is a criminal, either to the person or corporation. The second is a civil claim, is the compensation for the destruction, if we get the proof, that is proven. "

Deputy Head of Legal Structuring the Ministry of Environment (MoE) Sudariyono added, peatland destruction of evidence currently being gathered the team combined.

Previously, environmental NGO Greenpeace found thousands of hectares of peatlands are damaged in the Tripa Swamps in Sumatra and other areas. Destruction has an impact on the climate conditions and the presence of animals that live there. |

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Indonesia Aceh Police Question GeRAK Performance in the Case of Tripa Swamp | May 2012

BANDA ACEH - Indonesia GeRAK team combined arrival rate of the Ministry of Environment, Police Headquarters, and the Attorney General to investigate alleged violations of law in the Tripa Swamp, Thursday, May 3, 2012, will be in vain.

"Dragon, dragon will lead evaporate without a trace such as the handling by police of Aceh," said Akhiruddin Mahjuddin, Coordinator GeRAK Indonesia, in a release sent to The Atjeh Post on Thursday.

Tripa Swamp cases, it said Akhiruddin, has been reported by the Community Care Tripa on 23 November 2011 to Police Headquarters.

On the report, said he, Police Headquarters by mail numbers: B/4472/Ops/XI/2011/Bareskrim dated 25 November 2011 ordered the Aceh Police conducting the investigation.

"But until the arrival of the joint team, have not checked the Aceh Police reported," said Akhiruddin.

GeRAK Indonesia, said Akhiruddin, questioned the performance of Aceh Police in enforcing the law of the case.

"Before the concession permit issued by the Governor of Natural Kallista Aceh, which was held by Yusuf on August 25, 2011, Aceh Police sent a letter number: B/173/VIII/2001/Dit Reskrimsus to the Head of Integrated Services Licensing (BP2T) Aceh on August 11, 2011, "said Akhiruddin.

Contents of the letter, he said, legalizing PT Kallista Alam to take advantage of the region although the plantation is in the Leuser Ecosystem and yet have a business license Cultivation of Plantation, but permits are still in the process of handling and to be published PT Kallista IUPB by BP2T Aceh.

"It's ironic that the logic of the legal basis for consideration of Aceh Police so that legalizing the act PT Kallista is a fact of Nature that had engaged in illegal plantation in KEL and do not have the legal right pedestal. The letter, believed to be a form of "ketebelece" and beyond the authority of the police in Aceh, "said Akhiruddin.

Regardless, Indonesia and the Community Care GeRAK Tripa will continue to monitor the performance of a joint team is currently visiting the Tripa Swamp. "And urge the team to work indiscriminately in order to process the criminal law of the environment in Tripa Swamp and restore environmental functions Tripa Swamp as before."

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