27 August 2013 Successes

Born Free | 27 August 2013

Yesterday we heard that Guinée- Application de la Loi Faunique (GALF), after an intense eight month operation and in conjunction with NCB Interpol, managed to apprehend Ousmane Diallo a wildlife trafficker who was convicted (in his absence) in a landmark case in July after confessing to having trafficked "more than 500 chimpanzees" since 1994 (BFF news archive - 31st July 2013).

The raid on a residential building in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, took place in the early hours of Monday morning (25th August 2013), under the cover of darkness. The officers and investigators involved were in considerable danger during the operation and one GALF investigator has since been "robbed and attacked by criminals equipped with guns and machetes", luckily sustaining no serious injuries. Following his arrest Ousmane was immediately transferred to the central prison where he will serve his 1 year sentence (the maximum sentence for wildlife crimes under Guinean law).

We would like to commend, once again, the work of GALF and the entire EAGLE network (Eco Activists for Governance and Law Enforcement), as well as NCB Interpol under the guidance of police commissioner Niouma Koivogui who worked tirelessly to bring what Ofir Driori, LAGA founder, describes as possibly "the biggest ape trafficker ever prosecuted in Africa" to justice.

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