Catastrophic Ape Decline in Western Equatorial Africa

10 April 2003 Science News

Peter D. Walsh, Kate A. Abernethy, Magdalena Bermejo, Rene Beyers, Pauwel De Wachter, Marc Ella Akou, Bas Huijbregts, Daniel Idiata Mambounga, Andre Kamdem Toham, Annelisa M. Kilbourn, Sally A. Lahm, Stefanie Latour, Fiona Maisels, Christian Mbina, Yves Mihindou, Sosthène Ndong Obiang, Ernestine Ntsame Effa, Malcolm P. Starkey, Paul Telfer, Marc Thibault, Caroline E. G. Tutin, Lee J. T. White and David S. Wilkie

Nature, Volume 422, Issue 6932, pp. 611-614 (2003).

Full text online at:

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