Six held with live chimpanzees, other protected animals, birds

23 October 2017 News

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The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police has arrested six persons, including three Indians and a Pakistani national, who were allegedly involved in smuggling protected live animals of various species to Nepal from Nigeria.

Those arrested are Sanjeev Bhari, 40, of Kathmandu; Raj Kumar Tiwari, 42, of Bara; and Mohammad Usman, 34; Mohammad Faim, 35, and Mohammad Sherif Shahid, 35, of India; and Jawaid Aslam Khan, 55, of Pakistan.

SP Jeevan Shrestha, CIB spokesperson, said two chimpanzees, eight monkeys, seven golden pheasants, two ringneck pheasants, 38 pigeons and 65 parrots were seized from them.

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