Heroes start petition to make Harambe the gorilla a Pokemon

16 August 2016 News

Heroes start petition to make Harambe the gorilla a Pokemon

Jordan Minor | | 12/08/16


RIP, Harambe. Though the beloved ape may have left this physical world too soon due to the actions of the Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe’s legacy lives in our memories as the internet’s favorite new meme. Now, a group of Harambe heads are taking their appreciation to the next level. A new petition is calling for the gorilla to be recognized as an official Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

“Harambe deserves to live on forever in our hearts. Support this petition if you want Harambe to become a Pokémon.”

The petition, addressed to Nintendo and the Pokemon Company, includes artwork showcasing what a potential Harambe evolutionary line could look like: a cute starter named Hambo and his majestic full evolution Harambe. Both forms feature tails, and any true Harambe lover would know that as an ape Harambe had no tail, but the art is impressive nonetheless. (UPDATE: The art is actually from upcoming fan game Pokemon Sage). Harambe is of course a dual ghost and fighting type, a gorilla who died abducting a child. His ability is “Meat Shield.” Truly, no Pokemon could be more legendary.

harambe 3


The petition is seeking 35,000 signatures, and at the time of this writing it’s just over 30,000. So let your voice be heard! Join other the other Harambe faithful like Danny Trejo and voters and these dudes on a golf course. Get your Poke Balls out for Harambe. Pokemon Sun and Moon launch this holiday, so it might be too late to add a new Pokemon to those games. But there will surely be more Pokemon in the future, and there will never be a bad time to remember Harambe. At the very least, put him in Pokemon Go. Just like Tupac and Michael Jackson, Harambe deserves an augmented reality resurrection.

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