Critical EU Votes on Forest Credits

13 August 2008 General News

The next few months are absolutely pivotal for Call 3 of the Forests Now Declaration, "to include tropical forest and land use carbon credits in the European Union Trading Scheme, while maintaining strong incentives to reduce industrial emissions."

The EU is poised to enact legislation in the coming months which will determine whether or not tropical forests continue to be excluded from the world's largest carbon market from 2013.  This represents the greatest opportunity ahead of COP 15 in Copenhagen to get new money on the table to curb deforestation - but getting there will not be easy.

The EU Commission, which presented the proposal to amend the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (the "proposed ETS Review Directive") at the start of this year, continues to oppose the use of forest credits.  However, the Review still has to pass through Parliament and the Council of Ministers, where there is growing support for forests. MEPs are due to vote on their Committees' reports in September and October and the fast-tracked legislation is expected to be wrapped up by the early part of next year.

Time is short and the EU process complex, so to make sure this historic opportunity doesn't pass us by we are calling on the Forest Now family to take collective and immediate action over this critical period.

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