The first great ape species to go extinct ?

11 July 2008 General News

 A new survey published in Oryx* magazine established the Sumatran orang-utan population at 6,624. This is a sharp reduction from the previous estimate of 7,501 orang-utans (Singleton et al., 2004). It is clear that the population is in rapid decline, and unless extraordinary efforts are made soon, the Sumatran orang-outan could become the first great ape species to go extinct.
* Oryx - the International Journal of Conservation, is a leading scientific journal in the field of conservation biology and management, and is published quarterly by Cambridge University Press on behalf of Fauna & Flora International.

 For more information see, Wich S., et al, 2008. Distribution and conservation status of the orang-utan (Pongo spp.) on Borneo and Sumatra: how many remain? Fauna & Flora International, Oryx, 42(3), 329-339.

Oryx is a scientific magazine published by Fauna Flora international,

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