SPOTT Palm Oil Assessments

7 November 2018 General News

Palm Oil Assessments | 11/18 | SPOTT: tracking transparency, supporting sustainability

Below is information on the 2018 SPOTT Palm Oil Assessments.This year SPOTT increased the number of companies assessed to a total of 70, representing the most significant palm oil producers, processors, and traders that have the power to collectively transform the sector towards greater sustainability.

This year’s results show that progress is continuing to be made by companies but that the palm oil sector still has much more to do to improve the public disclosure of their commitments, achieved progress, and details on the extent of their operations. The average score for companies this year is 48% with 25 companies (36%) scoring greater than 66% (representing higher levels of transparency). Positively, more than two-thirds (70%) of assessed companies have some sort of zero deforestation commitment; however, only 24 companies provide any evidence of how they monitor forest cover across their supply chain to ensure that no deforestation is taking place.



A summary of the results can also be found here:



The full assessment results are available here:



A press release of the results that focused on company progress to address key elements of palm oil sustainability commitments that are contained within the revised Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Principles and Criteria. It is available from the website here:





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