The Taiping Four

17 October 2003 General News

IFAW's South Africa office has been very active on this issue since the gorillas arrived back there, and IFAW is asking people to write letters to the relevant authorities urging that the gorillas be returned to their country of origin, following DNA testing if necessary to establish this beyond doubt.

People can either write to our London address and the letters will be forwarded (Free the Taiping Four, IFAW, 87-90 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7UD) or they can write directly to the South African High Commissioner Lindiwe Mabuza at South African High Commission, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DP.

The International Primate Protection League, who were behind the extensive investigations in this case, have a lot more information about the whole sorry saga at

There is more information from South Africa on the IFAW site at: Click here for the IFAW South Africa page There is only one known picture of two of the four gorillas, released as a publicity shot by the Pretoria Zoo when they arrived two weeks ago - it can be seen at: Click here for the publicity shot

The animals are expected to be put on display following a six-week quarantine. Look out for an article in Sunday's People newspaper about the Taiping Four (2nd May 2004).

There will also be a very short piece on the case in the next issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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