Global Warming and Extinctions: Can we sustain Biodiversity?

7 March 2002 General News

Dr. Richard Leakey will be talking on behalf of Friends of Conservation at the Royal Geographical Society on Thursday 7th March at 7.00pm.

Doors will open at 6pm. Entitled "Global Warming and Extinctions: Can we sustain Biodiversity?", the talk will consider the current evidence for habitat change and review some of the implications this has for contemporary conservation strategies.

The extinction of species has occured before at a rate far greater than now but human activities are today providing grounds for deep concern. The management options for the planet must be reviewed to ensure that strategies take full account of histroical evidence for emormous changes that lie ahead for global climate and environment.

Dr. Leakey will also talk about the plight of the Great Apes and his work with in the GrASP Mission. Tickets, available from the Friends of Conservation Office, will be £15 for the lecture and £25 for the lecture plus reception.

Please send an SAE with cheque/ credit card number to: Friends of Conservation 16-18 Denbigh Street London SW1V 2ER.

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