New Site Tracks Corporate Action on Deforestation Identifying Commitments that Count

31 March 2015 General News

We invite you to visit, a new online platform convened by Forest Trends that lets users track the actions that companies are taking to remove deforestation from their supply chains.
Businesses made significant advances in the last year through commitments that promised to end deforestation in supply chains. And while these pledges are a step in the right direction, they only matter if companies act on them.
Supply Change, launched last week by Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace in collaboration with CDP and WWF, intends to track and identify the commitments that count, filling a crucial data gap in market information. The website allows users to track the actions companies are reporting against their commitments, focusing on the big drivers of deforestation stemming from commercial agriculture: palm oil, timber and pulp, soy, and beef.
Initial findings are summarized in “Supply Change: Corporations, Commodities, and Commitments that Count”, an easy-to-read, 32-page report based on the project’s current inventory of over 300 unique commitments – about one-third of which are targeted for achievement this year – from almost as many companies.  And over half of forest-risk commodity commitments tracked come from the food and beverage industry. Early findings also found that corporate leadership has a multiplier effect: one commitment from a major retailer (think Walmart or Marks and Spencer) spurs another three commitments from their suppliers upstream.
Supply Change brings you real time news and analysis on an ever-changing and extremely relevant section of corporate activity. We encourage you to explore it. 

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