Apes swing by Number 10!

1 December 2010 Ape Alliance News
Ian at Number 10 Ian at Number 10

Ian Redmond OBE, Chairman of the Ape Alliance, delivered an open letter to the Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this morning.  The letter urges Cameron and Clegg to ensure necessary measures for the mechanism for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) are finalised at the UN climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico, this week.

In the letter, Ian Redmond explains that biodiversity loss and climate change are the two biggest threats facing the world today and that protecting the forests is crucial. An estimated 1.6 billion people depend directly on forest resources, and every person on the planet benefits from the ecosystem services these forests provide. Weather systems that water crops and fill aquifers in Britain, for example, can be tracked back to tropical forests – so deforestation affects us all. 

“It is estimated that tropical and sub-tropical forest and woodland ecosystems comprise more than 50 per cent of all species; they also absorb about a fifth of anthropogenic greenhouse gases each year,” said Ian Redmond.

Ian Redmond arrived outside Number 10 with volunteers dressed as apes, travelling on i-Scoot electric scooters (see to demonstrate that environmentally friendly, sustainable personal transportation is a part of the solution.

Next Monday, at the Hope 4 Apes event at The Lyceum, Ian Redmond will speak alongside Sir David Attenborough and other leading conservationists to highlight the plight of the apes and reasons for optimism. The other speakers include Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Chanee (Aurélien Brulé), Dr Birute Galdikas and Dr Jo Thompson. All ape species being discussed are either endangered or critically endangered. Funds raised will support ape conservation.

"The British public has always been hugely supportive of the great apes but there can be an element of 'conservation fatigue'. There are glimmers of hope but we have to maintain the energy of our conservation efforts," said Ian Redmond, who was characterised in the movie Gorillas in the Mist as 'Worm boy' and was responsible for teaching Sigourney Weaver to grunt like a gorilla. 

Hope 4 Apes takes place at The Lyceum, Wellington Street, London, on Monday 6th December at 7pm. Tickets can be booked at the theatre (box office 0844 412 1742) or online at

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