Ape Alliance and the Great Apes Film Initiative at the Stroud Festival of Nature

5 June 2010 Ape Alliance News

Ape Alliance and the Great Apes Film Initiative will be at the Stroud Festival of Nature on World Environment Day screening conservation films from the GAFI library using pedal power cinema in a yurt in Stratford Park, Stroud.

Free admission and a great day out for all the family.

Come and see our team dressed as gorillas and orangutans pedalling to raise funds for GAFI's pedal powered cinema screenings in Uganda.

For a map and directions see

GAFI aims to raise awareness and increase understanding of apes and their environment with the inherent need for their conservation throughout their range, by enabling as many people as possible to watch documentaries about them and their behaviour.

In this way, the populations of these countries will become more engaged in primate conservation to enhance their long-term survival prospects.

So far the screenings have been made possible by travelling throughout regions via 4x4 vehicles, riverboats or mobile vans. However, GAFI is looking for ways to create the opportunity to have screenings in a carbon neutral and sustainable way. This has led to the development of a field version of a pedal powered cinema system which enables the screening of films via power generated by a cyclist pedalling an adapted bicycle.

Come and support this innovative new project.

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