Ape Alliance volunteers join demo against Avonmouth Bio-fuel Plant - and celebrate success!

26 February 2010 Ape Alliance News

The planning meeting took place at 2 o'clock and it took just over two hours to make a decision. There were many impassioned speakers and much support from the public. The issue of the source of the fuel and it's sustainability was the focus of the debate. However, the law states that these non-material considerations are not part of the planning decision as they do not affect the local area, which of course seemed absurd to the public.

Lib-dem Councillor Neil Harrison found clauses in the Bristol Local Plan that allowed the source of the fuel and the wider impact to be a consideration. It looked like it could go through at many points but thankfully conscience and compassion won the day and the councillors voted 6 against, 2 for and 1 abstaining.

There is likely to be an appeal against the decision by W4B.

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