Post Card Campaign

1 January 2001 Ape Alliance News

Ape Alliance - Post Card Campaign

Click on this image to view the full size card (29Kb)

Click on this image to view the full size card (73Kb)

Send an Ape Alliance post card to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and help get our goverments involved in saving the great apes.

To send a post card you can either print the card directly from this web site, or contact IPPL and order some pre-printed cards. Follow the instructions below.

To Print a Card from this Web Site

  • Insert the card or paper in your printer
  • Click on Post Card Front (29Kb)
  • Print out the image
  • Press the Back button on your Internet browser.
  • Click on Post Card Back (73Kb)
  • Print out the image
  • Fill in your details and send the card to the address pre-printed on the card

To Order a Number of Pre-Printed Post Cards

  • Contact:
    • Steve Brend IPPL 116 Judd St London WC1H 9NS
    • Tel: 0207 837 7227
    • Email: Stephen Brend
  • State how many cards you would like and your name and address for where they should be sent to

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