2001 - An Ape Odyssey

27 September 2000 Ape Alliance News

A joint campaign to launch a campaign to save the apes.

The Ape Event Hosted by Sir David Attenborough on Wednesday 27 September 2000 at Westminster Central Hall was an amazing evening. The hall was packed, and all the speakers were brilliant.

The dawn of the new millennium does not bode well for our closest relatives in the animal kingdom - the great apes of Africa, Borneo and Sumatra.

Without urgent effective action, their evolutionary odyssey will soon end - at the hand of their human cousins.

Click to download the original Great Ape Event programme (PDF file 593Kb).

If you want to help financially, please make a donation online by clicking on this link.

The details of the event are no longer live on the BBC website, but you can view PDF files of the original details here:


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