Gearing up 4 success at Bristol Zoo!

18 July 2011 Ape Alliance News

Starting at 7am, Katy and I were some of the first to arrive at a very overcast Bristol Zoo. All started well and the gazebos went up without too much trouble. Then the rain hit. For 4 hours, we struggled to get everything dry; electricity generators and Scalectrix don't like to get wet! The clouds parted in the end and the visitors started visiting en masse to our two tents.

With help from several volunteers who manned the stalls, dressed up in gorilla costumes and pedalled to run the cinema, a fantastic show was put on by all. There were two bikes linked to a Scalectrix kit where lots of visitors raced an orangutan and an ape on the cars around a track, much to the amusement of the onlookers.

The rain stayed at bay for the remainder of the day, and Katy left exhausted but happy at a fantastic awareness raising day at the zoo. So despite the rain, wind and grey clouds, nothing could dampen the spirits of all the volunteers that helped us at Bristol Zoo. Our thanks go to Bristol Zoo and everyone involved.

-- Guthrie

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