PASA 2020 Census

10 February 2021 Ape Alliance News

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) has released their census for 2020, a year which had profound impacts on African Primates and the sanctuaries that care for them. PASA collaborates with their 23 member sanctuaries, as well as local communities, governments, and experts.

This census provides a summary of primate’s ongoing and present threats, a summary of the Great Apes and their abundance, as well as sharing the work done by sanctuaries to develop communities and provide educational programmes.

Among the concerning reports of the threats to primates, the census highlights the resilience and commitment of their member sanctuaries. Despite the disruption brought by COVID, the sanctuaries have made great achievements in the last year. For example, Ape Action Africa successfully conducted the first release of a gorilla in to the wild. Despite the extreme challenges’ sanctuaries have faced this year, members were still able to provide care to 3440 animals, rescue 239, and supply more than $6M to local economies. Find the full census below.

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