Ape Alliance Chairman Ian Redmond to Speak at Seed Festival Featured

12 July 2019 Ape Alliance News

Hawkwood’s Seed Festival 19-21 July 2019 Planting Big Ideas!

“This years focus is on Action, spurred on by the IPCC Report and Inspired by movements like Greta Thunberg inspired student strikes and Extinction Rebellion, we no longer have the luxury of just talking about it – this is an emergency!”

Musicians, Poets, Artists, Inspiring Eco Speakers, Movers and Shakers and YOU! Seed Festival inspires a more intimate and personal connection with our living world and our place within it.

Seed Festival – planting big ideas 
is a creative partnership between 
Hawkwood and Seed Idea.

Hawkwood, is a Centre For Future Thinking, providing courses, facilitating training and offering venue hire set in a beautiful location in the Cotswolds. Our vision is about creating the world we want for now and our future. We are a place that convenes people and organisations from many disciplines in support of creative endeavour, a flourishing society and a sustainable environment. Registered charity number 311767


Seed Idea exists to provide individuals, groups and business with an inspiring and engaging service through events, design, innovation and coaching. As well as their own exciting Seed projects – concerts, festivals, videos and workshops. They can support you in your artistic vision by providing you with the expertise, services or tools that you seek to make your project a reality. They have a fountain of creative ideas that help us uniquely respond to your needs. They are particularly inspired by people and projects that break the mould and are grounded in social and ecological values. They offer you a tailor-made service to best support you planting your big idea in the world.  

Hawkwood’s Rich History

Since medieval times ‘The Grove’ has been a special place
this the place where Hawkwood now stands.

An ancient sycamore tree, estimated to be over 400 years old
lost a major limb just before our first Seed Festival.
The Kogi tribe featured int he Aluna movie heard of this, 
and told us this this was significant  event and a blessing for our event.

The Hawkwood estate was in the hands of the Capel family for over 200 years.
Tudor Gothic’ style built in the 1840’s after the existing Jacobean house 
was severely damaged by fire.

The fresh water spring under the ancient sycamore has been pouring forth, 
without ever running dry, perhaps for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Hawkwood’s Seed Festival is a collaboration between all the Artists, Speakers, Partners; Artistic Director Victoria Whelan of Seed Idea and the Hawkwood Team, particularly CEO Alicia Carey, Programme ManagerKatie Lloyd-Nunn, Marketing Manager Priscilla Pabon.


Ian's talk: Animal Gardeners of the Forest – how primates and elephants help stop climate change.  
Forests play a central role in efforts to prevent dangerous climate change, and yet deforestation continues apace. Even where the trees are left standing, we hunt the animals therein. In the tropics, most tree species depend on animals to disperse their seeds.  Birds, bats, monkeys, apes and elephants eat fruit, then deposit the seeds in their droppings – first rate organic fertiliser – far from the parent plant.  If we want healthy forests in the future, we must protect the Gardeners of the Forest today. 


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