Ape Alliance Symposium 2018 Video Online

1 February 2019 Ape Alliance News

Alliance Annual Symposium Video Ape Alliance

Event on 28.11.2018  |   Ape Alliance Annual Symposium    |     Hosted by UCL and the Anthropology Department



 Find the video for our 2018 Event Below:


The speakers were as follows: 

The afternoon brought together current research from our members across the world in a relaxed seminar style setting. The programme included thirteen speakers of 10-15 minutes each, plus time for discussion. Not all of the speakers were captured in this film. 

Our fantastic speakers were:

Ian Redmond, founder of Ape Alliance with an introduction and the evolving nature of Ape Alliance including new technology for outreach;

Professor Volker Sommer from UCL speaking on 'Nigeria's Wild Northeast – a last stance for wild life?';

Dr Kirstin Johnson from the African Wildlife Foundation on African Ape Conservation;

Tira Shubart from The Wildlife Workshop on Conservation Journalism Training;

Stephen Corry, director of Survival International on Decolonizing Conservation;

Jillian Milller, Executive Director of The Gorilla Organisation;

Dr Susan Cheyne speaking on her work at the Borneo Nature Foundation;

Michelle Desilets from the Orangutan Land Trust on recent developments in palm oil and sustainability;

Dr Hannah Fair on the Global Lives of the Orangutan Project;

Dr Alexandra Palmer on 'Ethical questions in orangutan rehabilitation';

Michael Guindon from the London Zoological Society and the lead on Palm Oil

Cathy Smith from the Orangutan Foundation giving an update on the Foundation's Field Programmes in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo;

Michelle Desilets from the Orangutan Land Trust on Recent developments in palm oil and sustainability and

Dr Nigel Hicks MRCVS, Cofounder-Orangutan Vetererinary Aid on 'The importance of standardisation in veterinary protocols for rehabilitant orangutan’

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