New Ape Alliance Report on Chimpanzees in Chinese Captive Wild Animal Facilities

17 August 2018 Ape Alliance News

The Ape Alliance has published a detailed account of chimpanzees in Chinese captive wild animal facilities.   This important report is compiled from several sources and the direct observations of Ape Allies in China and Africa. It documents the discrepancies between the number of chimpanzees (and other endangered species) reported to have been shipped to China, the number declared to have been imported by China and the number observed on public display in zoos, wildlife parks and shows all over China. The figures don’t add up – which begs the question, where did these animals come from?

In his Foreword, Ian Redmond OBE, Chairman of the Ape Alliance, says, “The Chinese Government has won plaudits from conservationists and caring members of the public all over the world by closing its domestic ivory markets to reduce the incentive for poachers to kill elephants. It is to be hoped that such decisive action can now be taken to reduce the demand for chimpanzees and other endangered species, in line with the recommendations in this report.”


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