Switch to Ecotricity and they’ll donate up to £60 to Ape Alliance

31 July 2014 Ape Alliance News

Ecotricity takes the money its customers spend on their electricity and gas bills and uses it to build new sources of Green Energy – made from the Wind, the Sun and soon the Sea.

Ecotricity has set up a scheme whereby they'll donate up to £60 to the Ape Alliance for every person who switches their energy providers to them. They will donate £40 for any electricity switch to Ecotricity, and £60 for a dual fuel switch when people use the Source Code: APES1

Switch to Ecotricity, it takes less than 5 minutes

  1. Go to the Ecotricity website
  2. Click Switch to Ecotricity
  3. Choose what you'd like to switch
  4. Enter in your info
  5. Sort out payment
  6. Submit! 

About Ecotricity

We’re an energy company unlike any other. We take the money our customers spend on their electricity and gas bills and turn it into new sources of Green Energy.

When we talk about green energy we mean 100% Green Electricity made from the wind and the sun and Green Gas – that comes with a ‘Frack Free’ guarantee.

And we don’t just supply green energy, we made it ourselves...

In fact, we have a Price Promise that undercuts the Big Six standard tariffs.

As a not-for-dividend company, with no shareholders or investors to keep happy, we’re free to dedicate our money to our mission – changing the way energy is made and used in Britain. And on average we continue to spend more per customer, per year, than all of the other energy companies in Britain put together*.

Phone: 08000 302 302 

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