The Ape Alliance is an international coalition of organisations and individuals, working for the conservation and welfare of apes.

Some of its members are listed here. Fax and phone numbers are for the UK unless otherwise indicated. To reach them from outside the UK, use the international code (44) for the UK, and remove the first zero from the area code.

International Ranger Federation
The International Ranger Federation (IRF) is a non-profit organization established to raise awareness of and support the critical work that the world’s park rangers do in conserving our natural and cultural heritage.
Gearing up for Gorilas (G4G)
Gearing Up 4 Gorillas is the only UK charity that focuses 100% on the conservation of the mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park, eastern DR Congo, through providing funds and equipment to the rangers whose job it is to protect them.
Pole Pole Foundation (PoPoF)
Grassroot level effort for the nature conservation and the sustainable development for the local communities around the Kahuzi Biega National Park in the D.R.Congo.
Orang Utan Caring Club of Indonesia
The Orang Utan Republik Foundation was first founded in October 2004 as the Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative (OUREI). OUREI began its mission as a project under Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) to save wild orangutans from extinction through education and outreach programs.
Canadian Ape Alliance
The Canadian Ape Alliance advances conservation and awareness of all Great Apes and the environments they live in, by respecting human need.
Gibbon Research Lab.
The Gibbon Research Lab. is active since 1980 and is currently located at the Anthropological Institute of Zürich University.
Gibbon Conservation Alliance
The Gibbon Conservation Alliance is a non-profit organistion dedicated to gibbon conservation and research on gibbon biology.
Great Orangutan Project
At The Great Orangutan Project for some years now we prided ourselves on providing the best exclusive volunteer opportunities to help the amazing orangutans of Borneo.
Steppes Discovery
Seeing wildlife in its natural habitat should be an inspiring and uplifting experience. By joining a small wildlife tour with Steppes Discovery you can have these experiences, safe in the knowledge you are travelling sustainably and responsibly.
Humane Society of Canada
The Humane Society of Canada has been able to work across Canada and in many parts of the world, coming into contact with many dedicated men, women, and children who are striving to create and sustain a truly humane society.
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