Belantikan Forest project – Orangutan Foundation

The forests of the Belantikan Hulu region in Indonesian Borneo contain the largest single population of wild orangutans outside of a protected area and are internationally recognised as critical orangutan habitat.

They are home to an estimated 6,000 orangutans in one contiguous habitat block of lowland tropical forest covering some 580,000 ha. But they are at risk from logging, conversion to palm oil plantation and unsustainable exploitation by local communities. As a complex mosaic of land ownership and land use they can only be protected with participatory action on the ground to involve all stakeholders in the actions that are essential to ensuring their preservation.

Promoting Conservation & Sustainable Management

The Orangutan Foundation, in partnership with local NGO Yayorin, is working to ensure the long-term protection of the Belantikan forests. The Belantikan Conservation Programme combines wide ranging conservation activities with focused research and community development. The programme is working with the communities to develop ways to maintain their traditional lifestyles whilst minimising their impact on the forest ecosystem. The vital ongoing activities include the promotion of conservation and sustainable management of critical orangutan habitat, strengthening the commitment to conserve orangutans and their habitat through designation of a new protected area within the forest, and increasing local and national awareness of the value of orangutans and their forest habitats.

This project is a partnership between The Orangutan Foundation and local NGO Yayorin.

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