New World Primate Caregiver/Documentarian at Pacific Primate Sanctuary, Maui, Hawaii

2 September 2019 Volunteer

Hiring Organization:
Pacific Primate Sanctuary

Date Posted:

Position Description:
This is truly a Sanctuary, a beautiful place for the right person. Responsibilities of an animal caretaker involve: providing daily care, enrichment, and nurturing to +/- 40 monkeys, administering medications, preparing food, cleaning enclosures, colony management, and maintaining the Sanctuary facility. Extensive documentation duties would include: record-keeping, data entry (Mac- Filemaker Pro, Excel, Word), manual revisions, preparing reports, and presenting literature reviews. After the initial training period, managerial duties would be added and more technical training will be available. Interns are given the opportunity to become primary animal caregivers. This is more than a full-time position with on-call scheduling as needed.

We would welcome someone with a background in animal husbandry and an interest in animal welfare and conservation, who is a mature team player with respect for others. We need a good, clear communicator (written and spoken English) and coordinator with a minimal personal agenda, who seeks mutual growth for all and is able to make a long term commitment to the primates and the staff. The position requires a self-starter, someone who is humble, compassionate, self-reliant, organized, professional, computer literate, open to learning, capable of problem solving and completing a task. Our resident Intern would need to be physically fit, with no communicable diseases or criminal record, who has a driver's license and would enjoy a rural lifestyle with simple amenities. A one year commitment to the Sanctuary is requested. The Sanctuary does not offer summer, or other short term, internships. PPS welcomes international applications; citizens of foreign countries would need to secure their own visas and permits independently.

This is a volunteer position. Pacific Primate Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization (501(C)(3). Our staff is made up of 5-10 volunteer caregivers (who volunteer one or more shifts each week), 1-4 interns, and a support system of veterinary and other professionals. Since the well-being of the monkeys is our primary focus, they are not on exhibit, the facility is not open to the public and they are not subjected to any medical research. As a result, our organization is not eligible for funding from any governmental agencies nor do we receive funds from admission, as would a public zoo. Therefore, we must rely solely upon donations from compassionate individuals and organizations. Our operating budget is extremely small. Financial independence for personal expenses (i.e. travel and medical needs) is required of our Interns.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
We provide a fully furnished and equipped 24-foot Yurt, or a 16-foot Yurt (traditional round structures designed specifically for tropical living) and utilities. You would room with one of our current Interns who would be your primary instructor. Although we do not supply regular meals, many fruit trees and a site for growing vegetables are available. 

The Yurt is adjacent to the Sanctuary on a large piece of rainforest property. Interns are trained by experienced members of our staff in all aspects of New World primate care (Callitrichidae, Cebus and Ateles). Please visit our website for additional information.

Term of Appointment:
One Year Requested

Application Deadline:

You may begin the application process by submitting the following: your Letter of Intent in making application, your Resume/CV, and three Letters of Reference (from instructors, employers etc.) Additional forms will be provided for you to complete once we have received the initial documentation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact Information:
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Pacific Primate Sanctuary, Inc.,
Haiku, HI 96708

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