Research Assistant at the Tai Chimpanzee Project (Cote D'Ivoire)

30 June 2014 Volunteer

Hiring Organization:

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Date Posted:


As soon as possible, until filled

Position Description:
We are offering several research assistant positions at the Taï Chimpanzee Project in Ivory Coast, West Africa. The project is committed to research and conservation of the chimpanzees of the Taï National Park (TNP) since 35 years. 
Our research assistants are part of an international research team consisting of local field assistants and international students. Research assistants can take responsibility for one of two different job options:
1. They are observing and collecting long term data from one of the three habituated chimpanzee communities we are following on daily bases to better understand the behaviour, culture and cognition of chimpanzees. This will include all day focal follows, behavioural data collection, fecal and urine collection for our bio-banking program, ecological data collection and compiling all the data before they are sent back to Germany.
IN ADDITION: Qualified research assistants (MSc or equivalent degree) will be able to conduct a small research program themselves. This will need to fit the requirements of their project duties and will need to be supervised by a TCP senior staff. 

2. They are responsible for the habituation process of a new community that is the neighbouring group to all three habituated communities. This will include going to forest every day, searching and identifying chimpanzees, as well as collecting fecal samples for genetic and hormonal analysis.
Successful applicants for both positions will be responsible to manage a small team of local field assistants which need motivation and some control.

1. Background in Biology, Psychology, Anthropology or a related field
2. Previous experience with field work, especially in tropical forests, is preferred but not required
3. Be motivated, independent and responsible
4. Be physically fit, and capable of undertaking fieldwork in hot/humid conditions (fieldwork will include a lot of camping in the forest)
5. Basic knowledge of spoken French

Research assistants are generally self-funded and can apply for refunding of flights and certain expenses after completion of their term.

Term of Appointment:
Research assistant for habituated chimpanzees: August 2014 for 12 months ------ Research assistant for habituation process: As soon as possible for a minimum of 6 months

Contact Information:
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Leipzig 04103

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+49 341 3550 204

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