Elephant and Primate Conservation Course

20 May 2019 Study

Join Ian Redmond OBE out in the field and learn key skills in primate and elephant research. Ian is a tropical field biologist and conservationist and an LWT advisor, renowned for his work with great apes and elephants. He has served as Ambassador for the UN Year of the Gorilla in 2009 and for the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species since 2010. He worked closely with the late Dr Dian Fossey, and is an advisor for several leading conservation NGOs. Amongst his many accolades, Ian was appointed OBE in 2006 and awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Oxford Brookes University in 2011 and a DSc h.c. from Roehampton University in 2014.

DATES: To be confirmed.

LOCATION: Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Vwaza, Nyika NP



Over the ten-day course, students will study elephants and three primate species – vervets, baboons and blue monkeys – across various research sites. Theoretical training will include threats to primate populations, strategies in conservation and distance sampling analysis, while practical work will include primate rehabilitation, behavioural research methods and bio sample collection. There is also the opportunity to extend your stay with LWT, with an internship or research placement.


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