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2 September 2019 Jobs

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Jane Goodall Institute Spain/Senegal

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Position Description:
Study Area
Following Dr. Jane Goodall's scientific work and humanitarian vision, since 2009 the Jane Goodall Institute Spain (JGI Spain) has carried out conservation and research programmes of wild chimpanzees in Senegal and northern Guinea, as well as sustainable development and environmental education projects with the local human population. The aim of the JGI Spain in this area is the conservation of the West African chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus), a critically endangered subspecies with no more than 500 individuals inhabiting Senegal. Their main threats in this area are deforestation and habitat fragmentation. At the same time, the JGI Spain works to improve the livelihoods of the local human population, helping people to manage natural resources sustainably by providing training and environmental education.

The study area is mainly located within the Reserve Naturelle Communautaire de Dindéfélo (RNCD), in the Commune of Dindéfélo, in the south-east of Senegal, bordering Guinea. The RNCD was created in 2010 and it is run by the local Management Committee with the assistance of the JGI Spain, to support conservation of this protected area, which is a unique habitat for endangered chimpanzees, among other species. The JGI has three field sites in the Commune of Dindéfélo, another one in Goumbambere (Commune of Dakateli, Senegal) and a fifth one in Sabe, Guinea, all of which make up the JGI study area.

Position description
The successful candidate will be responsible for managing research activities conducted in the study area and will be working with local field assistants, field managers, students and researchers, with the guidance of the research coordinator in the field. The research directors of the JGI Spain will overview all the work.

-To overview successful and systematic data collection on the behavioural ecology and conservation of chimpanzees and other primates in Senegal and northern Guinea
-To implement official research protocols for the different research projects
-To overview data entry for all research projects
-To track chimpanzee movements, behaviour, threats to their habitat, etc.
-To collect and enter data
-To perform data analyses
-To store and analyse images and video footage from cameras and camera traps
-To submit monthly reports on the collected data
-To attend research meetings with expatriate volunteers and students, and with field assistants, and to overview their work

-Hold a Master degree in biology, primatology, evolutionary anthropology, wildlife conservation, or related fields
-Master Microsoft Office (or similar), including Excel and Word
-Have good knowledge of new technologies (software and applications) such as SMART for conservation, Cybertracker, Global Forest Watch and Mapsource
-Have good knowledge of GIS programs
-Possess expertise in conducting statistical analyses
-Have excellent organizational skills
-Be analytical and able to meet deadlines
-Have at least two years of field work experience in remote areas, preferably in Africa
-Have very good language skills in French and English (oral and written). Willingness to learn the local language is a plus
-Have strong social skills, a sense of leadership and a strong motivation to take on responsibility
-Have the ability to work under stressful and harsh conditions
-Be healthy and fit, both physically and mentally. Being in top physical condition is required for hiking in difficult and steep terrain, over long distances, in harsh weather conditions (extreme heat or rain) 
-Have the ability to work in multicultural environments. Be respectful and sensitive to cultural differences, especially in the context of rural Muslim traditional villages
-Have a positive attitude and be able to deal with stress

Stipend of 450 euros/month

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
-Basic lodging and food will be provided. The chosen candidate will be based in in the town of Dindefelo (1,500 inhabitants), the main village in the Commune de Dindefelo, and will be able to work mainly at the JGI Biological Station in Dindefelo. This station is equipped with solar panels, kitchen, filtered water, lab, garden and tree nurseries, work spaces, rest areas and toilet.
-Possibility for flight ticket reimbursement after completion of 12 months in the field
-Visa renewal included

Term of Appointment:
One-year duration with possibility of renewal

Application Deadline:
Deadline to receive application is 10th of September 2019. We will notify shortlisted candidates before 15th of September 2019. Interviews will be held by Skype or Zoom.

Please send a CV and a motivation letter. Please include the name and email address of three referees.

Please send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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