Unique opportunity for a young veterinarian to gain experience in an in situ conservation project

20 May 2019 Jobs

Hiring Organization:
Chimpanzee Conservation Center

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The Chimpanzee Conservation Center, a sanctuary located in Guinea-Conakry and accredited by the Pan Africa Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), is seeking a veterinarian enthusiastic to replace the veterinarian on duty, from July 18 to October 7, 2019. 
The resident veterinarian and his replacement will spend approximately 12 days together to ensure the transmission of information. 
The CCC is a sanctuary established by the Government of Guinea in 1997, which collects, rehabilitates and releases orphaned chimpanzees, victims of illegal bushmeat trafficking and trafficking of babies. The CCC is located in the heart of the Haut Niger National Park, which has a large population of wild chimpanzees and a very rich fauna. 
The CCC is currently dealing with 62 chimpanzees (approximately 1 to 37 years old) and is following 7 released chimpanzees. The Center is also actively involved in environmental awareness and community development programs   ; he actively collaborates with the authorities in the protection of the National Park and wishes to develop his program of scientific research (only non-invasive). 
The CCC is looking for a volunteer veterinarian for 3 months to replace our veterinarian during his leave. The volunteer veterinarian will be in charge of the veterinary monitoring of chimpanzees under the supervision of the chimpanzee manager and in collaboration with the local team. 
Roles of the veterinarian   : 
-        Daily management of the health of chimpanzees in close collaboration with the team of caretakers and under the supervision of the chimpanzee manager. The veterinarian will have to see all chimpanzees over a period of 2 days 
-       Participation in any rescue of chimpanzees (wild or captive) conducted by the authorities, if the presence of the veterinarian is required 
-      Take care of newly arrived chimpanzees: first assessment of health status, first aid, implementation of nutritional plan if necessary, collection of samples, etc. 
-         Ensure that the quarantine protocol is followed and followed for each individual in quarantine; carry out health checks during quarantine and carry out the required tests (tuberculosis, detection of diseases on blood, fecal screening, etc.) 
-         Monthly fecal examinations and deworming when necessary (chimpanzees, local team, volunteers and cats) 
-         Measurement of the weight and teething of young chimpanzees according to the protocol in place 
-         Manage any emergency veterinary act (surgery, anesthesia during breakaways ...) 
-         Kept medical records of chimpanzees and all day-to-day records; digital backup and record keeping 
-         Responsible for the good performance of the veterinary room, management of the stock of medicines / veterinary equipment, informing the management of needs 
-         If a chimpanzee dies, autopsy and necessary samples taken   ; the veterinarian will ensure that the samples are sent for analysis, with the necessary permits 
-         Follow the basic training of the team of healers according to the instructions left by the resident veterinarian 
-         Ensure that the entire team (local and expatriate) follows and complies with hygiene and quarantine procedures and standards 
-         Basic monitoring of the health of healers and volunteers (including deworming program), keeping their medical records 
-         If necessary and at the request of the manager, go to the site of release (eg to check the health of a chimpanzee, change necklaces ...) 
-         Participate in weekly meetings with the local team and the expatriate team to ensure the transmission of veterinary information if necessary (veterinary problems)   ; current treatments   ; training schedule) 
-         Maintain electronic documents to ensure the transmission of information to our partners (Dropbox) 
The veterinarian will be able to participate in other activities of the Center when his / her schedule allows (preparation and distribution of meals to chimpanzees, field trips with the young, camp maintenance, etc.). He / she will manage his / her time with the CKC management team. He / she can go to Faranah or Conakry to work in the office if needed (access to electricity and internet). 
He / she will be able to benefit from time of rest on the spot like the other volunteers according to course possibilities. 

The candidate must   : 
Speak French 
Have a recognized veterinary degree (copy required) 
Have at least a year of clinical experience to manage basic care and emergencies - having experience in wildlife or primates is a big plus   ! 
  Master basic laboratory techniques in hematology, parasitology, etc. 
Be enthusiastic to work in a team 
  Having an experience in Africa is a big plus 
  Being able to live in a small community in an isolated place 
  Being in excellent physical and mental shape


Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
        Air ticket, visa, vaccines at the expense of the volunteer 
        Taxi costs on arrival in Conakry, and expenses of stay in Conakry (30 ?) at the expense of the volunteer 
        Food and housing provided

Term of Appointment:
from July 18 to October 7, 2019.

Application Deadline:
until filled

To apply, send your CV, a copy of the diploma, a letter of motivation and 2 letters of reference from employers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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