The Aspinall Foundation Africa Program Director Rep. of Congo and Gabon CLOSING DATE 01/10/14

15 September 2014 Jobs

TAF Africa Program Director Rep. of Congo and Gabon CLOSING DATE 01/10/14

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Overview of The Aspinall Foundation projects in Gabon and Congo

The Aspinall Foundation, a British charity founded by the late John Aspinall, in cooperation with the governments of the Republic of Congo (since 1987) and of Gabon (since 1998), set up the Projet Protection des Gorilles (PPG) for the overall goal to work with local partners for the conservation of indigenous endangered species in general, and of gorillas in particular. To achieve this goal, PPG is involved in several distinct but related activities in the two range countries:

 The reduction of the trade in orphan gorillas, and consequently the illegal bush‐meat trade, by repression (facilitating confiscation of illegally held gorillas by the national governments) and by prevention (information, awareness, education).

 The rehabilitation of confiscated orphan gorillas into a natural forest habitat, for the conservation and individual welfare of these ‘ambassadors’ of their species.

 The reintroduction of gorillas into protected areas within the former range of the species.  The management of these areas for the restoration and the protection of their natural resources.

 The promotion of local, national and international awareness of the threats facing the species.

 The development of sustainable conservation‐minded activities which provide economic benefits on a local and national scale.

TAF fund and manage a western lowland gorilla reintroduction project in the Batéké Plateau National Park, Projet Protection des Gorilles (PPG Gabon) and has been working in close collaboration with the Gabonese Government to ensure the protection of the national park since its creation in 2002. TAF are also responsible for the management of the “Reserve Naturelle des Gorilles de Lesio‐Louna” (RNGLL) in collaboration with the Congolese government ‐ situated northwest of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, the “Projet Lésio‐Louna” (PLL) is a western lowland gorilla reintroduction and protected area management project.

The tasks of the TAF Africa Program Director Rep. of Congo and Gabon are:

• Assist Project Field Coordinators in the development, design, organization and implementation of their work plans.

• Collaborate with the respective government agencies, ANPN (Gabon) and MEF (Congo), both at the national level in Libreville/Brazzaville, and particularly with the appointed Conservators, to assist with design and implementation of the law enforcement program. Collaborate with the conservator to design, organize and implement ongoing biological and socioeconomic monitoring programs in and around the protected areas, to provide monitoring data that will allow for adaptive management of both sites.

• Ensure development of effective management of the Projects in collaboration with the national staff, regional and local authorities. Specific duties will include assistance in the preparation of regular activity reports, work plans and budgets, organization of project logistics, procurement of necessary equipment, and responsibility for accounting.

• Recruitment, training, and management of staff. This will include annual reviews of staff performance, and responsibility for managing employee grievances and implementing disciplinary procedures in instances of poor conduct or poor performance/capability as required implementing the activities outlined in the Project’s overall objectives).

• Explore and pursue strategic legal agreements with government bodies and other parties necessary to achieve the project’s objectives.


For the full job description and details of how to apply please visit

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