Burger King has a whopper of a palm oil policy

31 October 2016 Campaigns

SIGN THE PETITION; Tell Burger King's parent company RBI to adopt a No Deforestation policy across its massive global supply chains.

 Orangutans, sloths, and jaguars -- Burger King’s palm oil policy is putting endangered species at risk by failing to protect invaluable tropical forests.

Despite years of public outcry, Burger King has failed to commit to a deforestation policy that protects tropical forests. These forests are destroyed to plant more soy and palm that ends up in Burger King’s supply chain.

Deforestation accounts for an incredible 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Competitors like McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Brands have committed to eliminating deforestation from their supply chain. It’s not only unconscionable that Burger King’s parent company Restaurant Brands International has failed to do the same -- it’s just bad business.

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