Destruction of Tripa Peat Swamps

26 March 2012 Campaigns

What You Can Do

Send letters and/or emails supporting the investigation and prosecution of offenders to the National and
Provincial Governments, or to your local Republic of Indonesia Embassy; contact details in the documents below
Spread this information as widely as possible, especially amongst local, national and international Press
and Media.

Tripa Truths - Inconvenient for some

Information about the destruction of the Tripa peat swamps

Palm oil case against 'Green Governor' in Indonesia heats up

Rhett A Butler | Mongaby | March 2012

Environmental activists have launched an urgent appeal calling for a "just decision" in a court case that has pitted Aceh's "Green Governor" and palm oil developers against efforts to save endangered orangutans in a Sumatran peat forest.

Press Release (Issued by: WALHI/Friends of the Earth Indonesia)

Jakarta, 23 March 2012.

PT Kallista Alam scandal in Tripa highlights lack of transparency in revision of the Moratorium Map: promised investigation into suspicious changes not yet materialised.

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