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Bristol University Ape Alliance Volunteers Run 4 Apes


5 May 2013 (Sun)
10:00 -



Ape Alliance Volunteers are running the Bristol 10K dressed as apes and bananas raising money for the Hope 4 Apes School Tour

Show your support, come and cheer them on Sunday 5th May in Bristol check our the course map here

and pledge your support at visit


The Ape Alliance Volunteer 10K Team 2012

Proceeds from this event will go towards the Hope 4 Apes 2013 Pedal Power UK School Tour. We are raising funds to bring Denis Agaba, Chief Project Co-ordinator for the Great Apes Film Initiative (GAFI) in Uganda and District Mobiliser for the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda (WCU) to the UK to carry out workshops about climate change and conservation based on workshops he has run in more than 250 Ugandan schools using the Great Apes Film Initiative Pedal Powered Cinema developed by Electric Pedals.

Picture thanks to Colin Tonks, Electric Pedals



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