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Ape Alliance Submits Report to DEFRA Consultation on Primates as Pets in England

Donnerstag, 11 Februar 2021 15:05 Ape Alliance News

In October 2019 DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) launched a Call for Evidence on the Welfare of Primates as Pets, which closed in January 2020. Animal welfare is a devolved issue and so any reforms will apply to England only.

In response to the evidence they received, DEFRA proposed the introduction of a new prohibition on keeping primates in England and opened a consultation on the topic.

Ape Alliance worked with several concerned ape allies to develop this response but as always, we cannot speak for the views of all of our members. 

DEFRA are hoping that the findings of the consultation will help them to determine which new measures to bring forward in legislation, and the practicalities of how these new restrictions could be applied.

We hope that DEFRA will listen to our response, and the detailed responses of our ape allies who have been working on this issue for many years (some of whom's responses are also attached below). 

If you would like to read our response, please see the attached document. 



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